Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hellboy (Color)

Colored up nice, nice by Adam Guzowski.


Always comes back to Big Red, doesn't it?

"Not enough gun."

Love this dude.

Ben Grimm!

Too much fun.

Ororo: The Teenage Years

My second favorite of the X-men (X-women!) to draw.

Mars Attacks!

Ack. Ack, ACK, ACK, ACK!
(Sorry for the terrible pun)


Probably the best I've ever drawn him.

Darth Vader.

Admittedly not in love with how this one turned out, but still evil

Kitty Pryde

One of my favorite X-men (X-women) to draw.

The Black Dog.

Normally I find drawing characters animated in a certain style to be awkward to draw myself. Not so here.


He means it. I stopped procrastinating as soon as I finished this.


Posting a bunch of my warm up doodles from the last two weeks, since I can't be arsed to draw anything bigger lately.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Proof of Life: Clayface!

All evidence to the contrary, I am not dead, simply busy. But here's proof! Enjoy.