Friday, December 21, 2012

Hellboy: The Chained Coffin.

Still one of my favorite of Mike Mignola's Hellboy tales, all these years later. "NO ROOM! NO ROOM!"

Friday, December 7, 2012

Lady Deathstrike

Put some ink down on this last night and got her scanned this morning. Fun villain, one of Logan's best!

IGN's Best Digital Series of 2012???

We're up against some stiff competition here! Please take a second (literally, one second) to vote for Masks and Mobsters, by Joshua Williamson and myself here at IGN. Or vote for Batman, if you like him better.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Thing!

Possibly my most frequently sketched subject. Someone write me a script full o' clobberin'.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Some doodling in preparation for my road comedy starring the Blob and Nightcrawler, who have accidentally been handcuffed together with Shi'ar technology. Which will prove the more deadly? The Brood, or a 900 lb mutant who gets motion sickness every time a certain somebody teleports him?

Sunday, September 2, 2012


First time anyone has commissioned this Beretta brandishing baboon.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Orion vs Kalibak!

I never get tired of drawing the Jack Kirby's New Gods/Apokolips crew.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thor vs. Loki.

I don't know why, but I had to. Now I kind of want to draw an all ages Lil' Thor/Lil' Loki story.

Monkeying around....

Disappointed as I was not to be there for it, my upcoming "Masks and Mobsters: A Crime Anthology", written by Joshua Williamson was announced at SDCC, coming soon from Monkeybrain Comics. See the press release here.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I landed somewhere between Bruce Timm's version and Tim Sale's version. I'll flip a coin to decide...

Thursday, July 12, 2012


First of all, apologies to all of you (I reckon most of you) who came here under the hopeful impression that this would be a sketch of Mal, River or Jane. Those do exist on this blog however, so feel free to do a quick clicky-clicky on the search button.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Hurricane.

My entry in the shutupanddraw sketch blog for this weeks topic "Song Inspired". Great topic!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

13 Assassins.

TOTAL MASSACRE. Sketched this last night while on a samurai bender. Now, who's written that epic samurai script?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


It's Prophet week over at the shutupanddraw sketch blog. I highly recommend you go check out all the awesome.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Monday, June 25, 2012


My entry in the Shut Up and Draw sketch blog for "Favorite 80's Cartoon!". Obviously, I couldn't draw the entire cast of Masters of the Universe, so I just plucked out a character at random.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

TMNT: Casey Jones!

My covers for the upcoming issue of TMNT: Casey Jones (written by Mike Costa and Ben Epstein), from IDW Publishing. Art by me and colors by Eisner nom Ian Herring! Due late July!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Adam Warlock!

Curt Swann's Superman made me want to read comics, Jim Starlin's Warlock made me want to make comics. Thanks, Jim.

Head over to shutupanddraw to see what other stories inspired the gang there!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Twilight Zone: The Gremlin on the Wing.

I did this last week as part of the first installment on the sketch blog ShutUpAndDraw. but thought a little cross-posting wouldn't hurt. Head on over and heck out some of the other great entries by the fellas at SUAD!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Thanos! In color!

If the almighty wants to be colored, he gets colored. Done, as always, in brilliant photoshoppy goodness by Adam Guzowski.

Friday, June 1, 2012


My favoritest or favorite baddies, the Mad Titan! Part of my continuing campaign for a shot at my Thanos/Adam Warlock buddy comedy "Dude, Where's My Infinity Gauntlet?". I've done the market research and that shit is gold.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Two by two... hands of blue.

I've been meaning to do a River sketch ever since I did a big Mal drawing ages ago, and this idea kicked its way around my brain for a few weeks before I got sick of it being there like an unused desktop icon and had to take it out an put it somewhere. Marker and ink.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Impulse, in 64-bit color.

Ty Tyner slapped some color on my Impulse sketch from a ways back, and its clearly awesome enough to get some love. Enjoy!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Avengers, Assembled!

Wrapped this commission up last night. The last one for a while, actually, as I dive into my upcoming issue of Casey Jones. Incidentally, this is the first time I've ever drawn Captain America in a way that I was even remotely satisfied with.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


A touch goofy but surprisingly fun villain to draw, though right here he seems very interested in showing you his JAZZ HANDS.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kraven the Hunter!

Not only did this unintentionally end up looking like Freddie Mercury, which I'm ok with, I think we all know he probably had a costume like this in his closet. Somehow, I believe he'd be a little pleased with this drawing.

On a side note, holy crap is this a great costume. It says everything you could possibly want to know about the character, even if you didn't know his name was Kraven the Hunter. Despite all that, I coulda done without the leopard print leotard.

Monday, March 19, 2012


I really dug this era of the X-men, and the Morlock saga was really the only arc of Storms' that I truly enjoyed. Mohawk and all.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Havok and Polaris.

If this didn't take me back to the early 90's, my name isn't Throatwarbler Mangrove.

Monday, March 5, 2012

20 Ted Talks for Art Majors

An interesting group of talks here, for the like minded. Not my usual fare, but someone requested I pass it along:

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I'm admittedly not very familiar with the character, but the idea of a young speedster is awfully appealing, especially when I imagine what 15 year old me would've done with super speed. Mike Weiringo I am not, but I hope you enjoy.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


This was a tiny pencil doodle on scrap that was intended to stay that way but, lesson never learned, I had to put ink on it and thats when the trouble started. Needless to say, Sergio Aragones hasn't got anything to worry about from me. Or anyone else, come to think of it.

Crap boards and inkwash are a terrible combination at the best of times. When your patience is low, they are an infinitely worse combination. I'd either make a terrible penciler or, by being one, have a drastically less stressful, if less interesting, life.

PS. I'm sticking to inking.

Friday, January 20, 2012


I'm ashamed to say I never liked drawing Spidey all that much until I was paid to do so. Now I enjoy the character more than most.

On a side note, I'm not sure if they use bags with dollar signs on them or gold dubloons anymore, but they are a hell of a visual aide.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mr. Incredible!

A tight race, to be sure, but The Incredibles tops my list of favorite Pixar flicks. Enjoy.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beta Ray Bill!

I heard, rightfully so, Walt Simonsons name so many times this week I had to doodle me some Beta Ray Bill. I can never decide if BRB's head is more T-Rex or more horse, so he's different almost every time I try. An issue I could probably fix if I drew him over the course of a few issues, that is.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Usagi Yojimbo!

Hands down one of the most fun characters to draw in all of comic-dom, and one I hope to get my grubby little hands on one day.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I always liked Tim Sale's design of this costume, so that's the one I went with.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Giving away a free story today, just because I'm like that.

Get your PDF of "Letters" here!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Me, chilling with Stormageddon, doing his best impression of The Doctor. It took some convincing, but he understands now that bow ties are cool.