Thursday, October 27, 2011

From Hell.

This will likely be the last of the Halloween sketches, for which I'm slightly relieved but a little sad. I might squeeze in one more, but chances are slim. I've been meaning to get to a Jack The Ripper piece for quite a while, but never thought of the right scenario. I watched the 2001 film for the first time since its release and was much less kind about it than my memory told me I originally was. There wasn't anything slap-in-the-face bad about it, it was just a bit of a narrative mess. So, to use the old chestnut, the book was better. It was an Alan Moore book, of course it was better.


  1. discovered your work over at trixie's.

    much taken with your gruesome bent and you've got a canny eye for strong composition, this ripper pic for example - tops!.

  2. Thanks much, Shane! I'm not generally so gruesome, but something about October tends to bring it out. Cheers!