Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Solomon Grundy!

Took a short hiatus from drawing different characters smashing different settings and went for something a little more low-key. Turned out a bit rough around the edges but, on the whole, I'm pleased with it. Always sort of liked Grundy, despite being a poor man's version of the Hulk.


  1. OK I already plus one'd this on G+ but I love this. Were you going for a 1950's style of suit for Grundy?

  2. It wasn't my overriding intention, and I don't know everything about the character, but I'd always thought thats when he'd died. So.... yes?

  3. He has usually had that kind of look. Just usually no tie. He started as an early Alan Scott villain. Then they made an Earth-1 version that fought Superman and the Batman several times.