Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Phoenix!

Occasionally I realize that I haven't drawn a real superheroine in some time. Truth be told, mostly thats because I rarely find any of them that compelling. Fortunately, there are a few worth drawing, and this particular design is one of my favorites. And lookie here, I drew a Marvel heroine without tracing a photograph off the cover of Penthouse. Whatta ya know, it can be done!

P.S. I loathe the spelling of the word "phoenix". It irks me greatly.


  1. That is great. And a big thumbs up to the Penthouse comment. Its one of the things I really dislike with comic art. Look how Kitty Pryde looks now compared to when she first appeared. Any chance on seeing Rachel Summers?

  2. I suppose that was a cheap shot but I said it, so I'm not going to take it back. I won't count a Rachel Summers sketch out, but it may be a loooong wait!