Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mr. Freeze!

"Ice to see you!"


  1. Wow, Mike. Love the snow. Gives the image real depth.

  2. Thanks, Mike! I do love drawing snow. It can convey all sorts of atmospheres; chaos, desperation, poignancy. Its very effective.

  3. I've seen this floating around a bunch of different places, and churning through the tumblrs too which is great. One of your best pieces truth be told.

    It's an image that is packed with layers. Just looking at this, with no knowledge of the story and history of the character, you are likely to see a giant in a space suit, or an astronaut, exploring a strange frozen world who has found a human woman or tiny alien humanoid and has lifted the small thing up to examine it, curiously, with affection and sadness for the small fragility of the creature.

    Then if you recognize the character, but don't know the full backstory, this image appears to be a tripped out version, giant sized.

    And if you know the character, and have seen the various incarnations, you recognize the styling from the Batman Adventures series, where Freeze more than anyone else had been styled to be both a man of the future and a man of the past. A thing living in the hot, blazing atomicly styled world of jets and reactors, forever locked away in the cold, distant past of his memories by his own unwillingness to forgive himself.

    And you captured all of that. Incredible.

  4. Holy In-Depth-Analysis, Batman! Thanks, William!