Sunday, April 10, 2011

Art thats Inspiring Me Today.

Sorry its not a comic artist love-fest in here today folks, but its not usually what I look at when the creative batteries are ebbing, as they have been the past few weeks. So, if you require your art to have any sort of guns, explosions or exaggeratedly proportioned ladies, you might want to step out.

This isn't an art analysis blog entry, just an appreciation of where modern illustration draws its composition from (or at least I seem to).

The first two are from the tremendous repertoire of Polish painter Edward Okun. The third painting is by the French artist and phenomenal costume designer of the early days of film, Manuel Orazi.


  1. Again fantastics examples. Your knownledge on all times artists and your very good taste which ones inspire you, are reflected in your work. I am totally agree with Mr Colan, there is magic in your work, I love it.

    Greetings from Seville.

  2. Thanks so much. You're too kind!

    Greetings back from the Americas!