Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Despite being my favoritest of favorite superheroes, I never find myself drawing the Big S very often. Maybe its because I never get the curly cue haircut right. Maybe its because I never find the right balance of Christopher Reevish, oak tree lean and Ed McGinnis barrel chested-ness.

Leaving that aside for a moment, the best (or at least my favorite) comics have always revolved around the every-man's perspective of the hero and their awe for even the most mundane things the hero might do. In the grand scheme, saving a falling crane and its operator from a 70 story drop might seem pretty vanilla in comparison to battling off Darkseid's hordes. But its nonetheless something that would impress a kid seeing it out his window and its certainly what invested me in Superman at a young age.

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  1. Beautiful drawing Mike.

    And completely agree. Until All-Star Superman, my favorite Supes story was Kingdom Come, because it wasn't really his story. The story being told through the eyes of Norman McKay was such a diversion from the regular lens on the character.

    There is always something terrifically challenging about trying to engage with your favorite character. More than likely if I ever had a chance to write Thor, I might actually turn it down. I love the character, and think there is little I could do to enhance or add to that mythology.