Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pre-project design.

There's something terribly exciting and, at the very same time, terribly dull about prepping for a new project. Even one you're not in a frantic rush to finish. Frankly, I'm not even in a frantic rush to start it, though there is something frustrating to me about getting through a work day without an actual comic page getting done. Still, design is fun, especially when you have no one in particular to answer to but yourself and architecture can be even more fun. Specifically, non-western architecture (zzzzz...).

I feel, justifiably, like I've spent more time reading and poring over reference than I have doing any actual drawing. As an artist, this poses a conundrum. The solution? Trudge through text and photo/art reference during the day (around actual work, of course) do the satisfying artsy stuff in the evening. That way I can sleep soundly knowing I satisfied the requirements of the title "artist".

Anyway, here's a bit of the plodding and yet entirely enjoyable stuff I've been wading through.


  1. I enjoy that phase when you're soaking up references and letting it all marinate in your subconscious - and it's vital if the work is going to be fresh - but at the same time, like you, I get impatient if I'm not completing pages.

    Really love these pics. Especially the sinister assassin dude and that fabulously evocative bit of architecture. It's already looking like a fascinating project.

  2. Despite the fact that pending other work it could be years before I finish it, and even longer before I find someone reputable willing to publish it, I'm glad someone would like to see it! :)