Monday, November 22, 2010

Picking apart storytelling.

I rarely make any non-art related posts, but when I do they tend to be centered on storytelling of some kind, and today is no different.

I'm currently on the fence with AMC's "The Walking Dead". With the exception of "Rubicon", I've learned not to doubt the quality of AMC's programming and production values, and this series seems to be no different. I am enjoying it so far, but I'm not loving it and I hope that changes.

My concern from the very first episode was how closely it would follow the Robert Kirkman's Image series, especially in the pace of the overall story arc. I hate to say it, and I'm well aware of just how in the minority I am on this, but the comic bored me quite quickly. This shouldn't be taken in any way as a reflection of Kirkman's writing ability, because I've read other works of his that have been stellar. My boredom stemmed from the repeated equation any post-apocalyptic storyline has to follow which is, in a nutshell: Run, hide, find friends, stay safe, surprise attack, one friend dies, run to safety, rinse and repeat. I'm not ashamed to say that two hours and fifteen minutes of any zombie film is all I need. I love 28 Days Later, but if it went on for 12 hours I'd be hoping for an actual zombie attack just to keep things exciting.

All that aside, the problems I had with the first two episodes, primarily clunky exposition and some forced dialog, seem to have disappeared. And finally, because I'm not Captain Negativity I'll give you the shows saving grace. I am happy -no- thrilled to have a late night television hero who has gone four (count 'em FOUR) episodes without cheating on his wife. Its sad that we've come to a point when a boy scout character with Superman caliber morals is the refreshing one. Coincidentally, this may also be why I love Superman so much.

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