Monday, November 1, 2010

New Gear...

I'm planning on selling my old Macbook very soon, in favor of some newer portable gear. As most readers of my blog would already know, I scarcely do any of my work digitally, outside of scanning, the occasional zipatone and the obligatory corrections and double page spread stitching. My iMac being my main workhorse, I'm in the market for something easy to carry, to use mainly for on-the-go reference, music and possibly limited Photoshop work (though mainly the first two). That said, I'm in quandary over whether to pick up an iPad, a Macbook Air or spend the money for a Macbook Pro, which I know can do all three.

I have a reasonable amount of readership here, so if any fellow pros have said equipment, or are knowledgeable about their respective capabilities for these kinds of applications, feedback is not only absolutely welcome, but greatly appreciated!

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