Sunday, November 14, 2010

Character Sheet.

Though I'm not complaining about why, there's a very real chance I won't get to put much time into this project of mine for a while. At least not in any steady, consistent way. So, before my schedule undergoes some serious changes, I wanted to get as much of it on paper as possible. The arc is mapped out far better than I could've hoped for at this stage, especially considering its my first crack at it. I've been jockeying back and forth between writing and designing it without any real plan and have been surprised how well its ironed itself out. That said, I still don't know when I'll get round to making it all a reality, but I hope its something I chip away at.

This is a quick design sheet for a character from that story that I've decided to simply call; The Mad Turk. Turkish readers, please do not send angry letters. This is a madman who simply happens to be Turkish.

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