Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Architectural Studies.

I'm loathe to start any new project, long or short term, without drawing the settings, costumes and characters until I could do it in my sleep. I have, admittedly, done this before. Chalk some of it up to arrogance and some up to a need to get cracking immediately. Neither excuse is acceptable and, unless I'm being drowned in money for the effort, one I'm not likely to use again.

I've always found architecture comes to me fairly naturally, and I have a habit of never ruling anything out, other than a rough idea of my perspective. Architecture is as much an art as sculpture, painting or the comic itself. It should be felt, not just stared at, and is a large portion of my problem with the extensive use of photoreferencing in comics today. If I wanted to look at a photograph of a building in my background I'd make a collage or, better yet, stare at the building itself. I could go on and on, but rants about subjects like these are best in small doses, as I know I would like them.

But for any of you archi-files (Greek majors hit me up with the proper term) out there, enjoy a small sampling of brush sketches for a project in the earliest of early stages.

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