Thursday, August 12, 2010


Continuing my theme of villains-who-regularly-beat-up-the-Silver-Surfer, its Stan Lee and Steve Buscema's Prince of Lies himself, Mephisto!

I broke out an old brush for this one, and got some interesting results. The brush frayed just a bit, and got me some choppy textures and much, much more visible brushstrokes than I'm used to. Useful for fire, rock and other random looks, but I'll have to label these brushes! Its not just a hat rack, people, I remember this stuff!

Inkwash tip: Don't shoot for pure blacks in an inkwash piece. It'll throw off the whole gray scale when scanned. Let the computer do its work, and adjust the levels evenly, and it'll take care of itself.

An addendum: Its not a stretch to say I used nearly half a bottle of pro-white on this bitch.

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