Monday, August 23, 2010

5th Element.

I drew this last night during Mad Men, and slapped some ink on it this afternoon.

For fans of Luc Besson's highly underrated sci-fi action flick, the Fifth Element, I give you all: Leeloo. I threw my entire collection of art supplies at this one, and you folks get a rare glimpse of color from me. If it were possible to color an entire comic in marker, I might do just that. But as fun as they are, they're also temperamental, bleedy (for lack of a better word), time consuming and, most importantly, don't always get along with whatever tool you used for your linework.

Fortunately, they cooperated with both my brushwork and the little bit of Micron work in there, so I wound up being fairly pleased with the final sketch.

Finally, before anyone says anything: Yes, I am aware she has no eyebrows.

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