Monday, July 12, 2010

The Spirit.

Kudos go to Don Wood for suggesting The Spirit for tonights blog sketch.

I was thrilled when DC started not only reprinting old Spirit comics, but when some great talent started lining up to make new ones! I admit though, with a few notable exceptions like Mike Avon Oeming and Mike Ploog, to being disappointed at how he was characterized. I saw a lot of macho hero shots and missed the heroic, yet sometimes awkwardly bumbling and beat up Spirit. I didn't, however, see all of it so I don't want that statement to be all-encompassing. And I won't go into the trainwreck that was "The Spirit" movie here, as I can already feel the bile rising. Leave us say that "the city" wasn't the only thing screaming when that movie was shown.

Anyway, if they haven't already, the comictwart crew needs to get on a Spirit sketch. Because, yknow, my ego can take a beating like that.

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