Friday, July 23, 2010

Meeting Deadlines.

This topic came up recently in artist to artist conversation and got me thinking.

Like a well rehearsed Presidential address, artists who deliver books habitually late will feed you this: "Well, wouldn't you rather the work was good than just on time?". No, actually, I'd prefer it was both. Granted, every artist gets behind because of day-to-day life and unexpected circumstances, but we're talking a day or two behind. And, understandably, there are certain mitigating circumstances that are completely forgivable such as deaths in the family, hospital stays, accidents, house fires and zombie attacks. But (get ready for the ultimate athlete's go-to line) at the end of the day the faithful fan who, by and large pays your salary, shells out $2.50 or $3.99 or $6.54 or whatever the bloody hell comics cost these days deserves to have his book in his hand every 4th Wednesday.

Some people might counter by saying "You only feel that way because you're fast" and they'd be right. But I didn't get fast by accident. I got fast because I don't always want to spend every waking hour drawing, and neither should anyone else! If all you do is draw all day long, not only is it not fun anymore, but you miss out on everything else that makes making art that much more incredible. It should, however, be understood that the preceding statement does not apply to the all-nighters we all have to pull occasionally. Those are just part and parcel of comics. Maybe its just me, but its hard to tell what the consensus would be. I know I'd be mortified to turn work in as late as some artists get away with and still stick my hand out for a paycheck.

And thus endeth the lesson (2 points to anyone who leaves a comment telling me what movie that was from. Relax, its an easy one. No Googling!)


  1. I didn't Google it, so I think this is probably wrong, but is it Mr Wolf in Pulp Fiction?

  2. Darn - then I did Google it and it's The Untouchables! Of course. Mamet - one of my favorite writers. Kicking myself now...