Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This is a little short I wrote and laid out of the weekend. I wanted a new set of sample pages to mess around with, and to be frank, 90% of samples scripts floating around out there are barfights and people flying.

So, who better to give me exactly what I wanted in a script than me? It took longer than I'd like, but writing is getting easier. And I love (!) silent scenes. It makes hitting the storytelling beats a million times more important. Miss one and the whole thing falls apart!

I don't know who is officially producing Frankenstein comics these days, but the few that turned up when googled where, charitably, awful. Frankenstein isn't a friggin' superhero, people. Lets not make him fight the Hulk just so we can see Frankenstein fight the Hulk.

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  1. Fabulous work. And I couldn't agree more about Frankenstein's monster not being a Hulk-like superhero.