Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Death Race 2000.

Didn't have too much time today, but managed to squeak out a head and shoulders sketch of David Carradine's Frankenstein from the classic 1975 sci-fi "Death Race 2000", not to be confused with the 2.5 hours of turd that came out just a couple of years ago with a similar name, "Death Race".

Anyway, here it is. Its a little rough around the edges, and this is probably the only time I could professionally justify using speedlines in my art. On the whole, it was pretty fun. Big thanks to Kyle Strahm, who supplied both todays sketch, and one for later in the week!


  1. That is a fantastic choice, too many kids will only know the Stath in this role but you've schooled them nicely here.

    And those speed lines ain't exactly bad.

  2. I HATE speedlines! Haha. But they seemed to fit here. Thanks!