Sunday, July 11, 2010

Branching Out.

In light of some recent (I hesitate to say "developments", it always sounds too ominous or too exciting) developments and new connections, I've decided to start branching into conceptual art and storyboarding. Not only as a way to supplement the income of comics which is, charitably, like a roller coaster for me, but as a new challenge.

Speed is a precious commodity in any commercial art industry, but particularly in conceptual design where ideas are batted around like a 8-bit game of Pong. Breaking into any new field, or sub-field in this case, is always nerve-wracking, specifically when one wonders if they'll even be given a shot at it.

Regardless, fortune favors the bold, and I have decided to start sending out feelers for work. It seems the old days of resume mailing are mostly behind us, which is nice in this case, since my resume does not actually include "concept artist" (aside from my upcoming work on the film adaptation of my graphic novel Smuggling Spirits).

The traffic through my blog has skyrocketed in recent weeks, for which I'd like to thank you all, and I think its time to capitalize to spread the word. I welcome (and greatly appreciate) any inquiries, references, contacts and other assorted hubbub from my readers and followers and will be updating my linkedin profile to reflect this slight change of gears.

With that said, and as adventurous as I am feeling about it, I will in no way, shape or form be giving up comics. It is absolutely my True Love 1.1 (1.0 knows the deal) and I will continue making them until the engine stops running.

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