Monday, July 12, 2010

Big Bad Wolves.

Here's a couple of pages from a little project I worked on last year called "Big Bad Wolves" with Mike Oliveri, set to be released this summer from Ommus at EvilEye Books. I posted my original, unlettered jpegs (because I am SUCH a TEASE).

This was one of the last projects I did with traditional inks and seeing them again has rekindled my love/hate relationship with my old work! Its a larger (very large) part of the reason I almost never open up the giant stack of FedEx boxes filled with old jobs. Still, this was a solid, creepy story that worked really well narratively and I'm uncharacteristically not disgusted with art I did more than a week ago. Huzzah!

Seriously, though, there's some kick-ass stuff ready to be unleashed by these guys, including some stuff by fantastic artist and all around nice guy Dirk Shearer. Do yourselves a favor and go get you some!

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